New "contact link" field type

Updated on:

Today, I've got an exciting new feature to announce. We just added a brand new "contact link" field type!

We've always had the ability to create generic "relationships" between contacts, but those weren't very structured. Now you can make custom fields specifically for holding links to other records in the CRM. The uses for this are endless, but here are a few:

  • Brokers who connect buyers with sellers can make a field to link a pipeline item from the buyer to all of the possible sellers (or vice versa)
  • If you work with families, you can make fields for "Spouse" and "Children" so you can easily keep track of how everyone is related.
  • If your sales process involves multiple customers (e.g. a travel agent that plans trips for groups of people) you can make a field in the pipeline to link all the additional contacts to the pipeline.

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