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I've reviewed a few different blogging platforms, and I want to use this post to summarize those reviews. So far I've reviewed Wordpress, Tumblr, and Blogger. If you'd like to see me review any other blogging software, just let me know in the comments. Now let's get right to the results.

And the winner is ... Wordpress

For some reason, most blogging software is weak. With all the products I tried there were bugs, horrible UI decisions, and an overall lack of creativity. Wordpress isn't great software, but it's better than anything else. Here are summaries of the individual reviews so you can get a better idea of how I came to this conclusion:

Blogger Review (click to see the full review)
This Google-owned product was one of the original blogging platforms, but it seems to have been left for dead by Google. It's way behind the times, and serious bloggers should stay clear.

Tumblr Review (click to see the full review)
Tumblr is an interesting blend of traditional blogging and new social networking concepts. There are a lot of unique features, and the overall design is pretty appealing, but Tumblr is very limiting and can't handle blog posts with substantial content.

Wordpress Review (click to see the full review)
Once again, I'm not in love with Wordpress, but it's the best product out there. The main thing Wordpress offers is functionality. It's incredibly powerful and flexible, so chances are that you can accomplish whatever you need with Wordpress. The main downside is that it's pretty complicated and hard to use sometimes, but that's a sacrifice worth making.

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