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Chances are, you're currently using a bunch of software that you're not really wild about. The problem is that despite being horribly annoying, the software performs some sort of essential function and so you can't give it up. Whenever you find yourself in that position, you can turn to for help.

AlternativeTo is a very simple website that basically just groups competing software products together so that you can find alternatives to what you're currently using. For example, let's say you're using Microsoft Outlook for you email and calendar right now, but you want something better. Just go to and search for Outlook. You'll see a list of similar software ranked by the popularity among alternativeTo users.

I'm a huge fan of AlternativeTo. By having an easy way to compare competing products, they're basically creating a world where companies are judged by the quality of their products rather than the money they spend on marketing. The main line on their homepage is "Tired of crappy software?" which is awesome.

AlternativeTo's database is still growing, so they don't have a complete list of all software options, but it's a great place to get new ideas. Also, if you're in a giving mood, you can stop by the Less Annoying Software page and "like" us.

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