How to customize a CRM to
become a more
organized and efficient

personal trainer

As a personal trainer, you want to spend the majority of your time helping your clients achieve their fitness goals, not worrying about organization and the finer details of your business. A CRM can help you stay organized, keep track of leads and clients, and streamline your workflow so that you can focus on what you do best. To get off to the best possible start with your new CRM, you’ll want to customize it to suit your needs.

There are many CRM features that there’s no need to customize, but to make the most of your CRM, some features will require a bit more set up. To speed up your CRM set up process, read on for customization ideas that will help you get the best value out of your CRM as a personal trainer.

Three critical features that you’ll want to customize in your CRM are groups, pipelines, and custom fields. Take a look below for some inspiration for how you can customize these three features as a personal trainer and make your CRM work for you.

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Segment and organize your list of contacts and companies in the CRM.



Track any workflow or process that you repeat over and over again.


Custom fields

Collect all the information you need that is critical for your work.

Custom fields

As a personal trainer, it will be especially important to collect information on your clients’ unique goals and needs so that you can help every single client reach their health and fitness goals.

  • 🏋️‍♀️Fitness Goals (checkbox list with each client’s particular goals)
  • 🩺Medical Conditions (text area listing any medical conditions/injuries for each client)
  • 👟Training Frequency (textbox listing training frequency for each client)
  • 🏃Exercise Preferences (checkbox list to mark down particular machines and exercises each client prefers)
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Custom fields let you take your CRM to the next level. Collect more than just the basic information about the contacts and companies you work with; instead, collect everything that is critical for your work.


Pipelines are composed of statuses - each status is step in the process you are tracking. Pipelines consist of both active and closed status. An active status is something that requires follow up or additional work. A closed status tracks the end points of a process.

As a personal trainer, you can use a pipeline to track your entire process. From the first time you speak to a prospective client to when you’re celebrating all that this client has accomplished - store all of that information in your pipeline. Take a look at an example pipeline for personal trainers below.

Active statuses

Initial Consultation
Fitness Assessment
Personalized Training Plan
Ongoing Training Sessions
Goal Achievement

Closed statuses

Program Completion
Training Cancelled
Not Interested
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Pipelines are one of the most useful CRM features; they let you track any workflow or process that you repeat over and over again. It's a great way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


As a personal trainer, groups will help you easily track your communication with clients, potential clients, and fellow personal trainers. Take a look at a couple example groups that are perfect for personal trainers below.

  • 🚶Clients
  • ⭐️Referrals
  • 🤝Colleagues
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Groups are a handy feature that you can use to segment and organize your list of contacts and companies in the CRM. Think of groups as tags that you can attach to anyone to assign a label to them.

Once you’ve created custom fields, pipelines, and groups in your new CRM, you are ready to get started! Dive right in and start making the most of your new CRM.

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