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Calforce (Calendly)

Calforce is a third-party developer that has built an integration between Less Annoying CRM and Calendly.

This integration will automatically sync Calendly bookings with LACRM's calendar. If the contact that made the booking in Calendly is already a contact in LACRM (detected based on a matching email address), the LACRM event will be automatically linked to the existing contact. If the contact doesn't yet exist, Calforce will create a new contact in LACRM and attach the event to the newly-created contact.

Additionally, if you use a routing form in Calendly, the form data can be mapped to LACRM fields (default and custom fields) automatically.

Click here to watch a demo of this integration.


This integration is free to use but due to Calendly's integration restrictions, you will need to be on the standard Calendly plan or higher to use this integration.

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Integration support

This is a third-party integration built by Calforce's team. If you run into any issues or have questions, please reach out to support@calforce.pro.

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