Freshworks vs. Less Annoying CRM

Teams tired of hitting feature limits at every CRM tier switch to Less Annoying CRM. With unlimited contacts and workflows, small businesses scale at no extra cost with Less Annoying CRM.

Three key takeaways

LACRM is easier to use: our system is simpler and our support is better.
Both systems can manage your contacts and workflow processes.
Freshworks offers marketing tools and is integrated with their help desk suite.


Less Annoying CRM

/ user / mo.
No annual contracts
No feature limitations
Free phone and email support
30-day free trial (no credit card needed)


/ user / mo.
Must sign annual contract to lock in lower price
Limited features based on tier (+ add-on fees)
Phone support only for paid tiers
14-day free trial

Only the features you need, at the price you want

Freshworks is a comprehensive marketing system that offers tight integrations with their help desk products and marketplace apps. But unless you're a small business focused solely on marketing, a lot of those features are just extra bloat. The key things you need to track, contacts and sales, Freshworks limits at every tier. If you have more than just 1,000 leads, you're lumped into a "large team" category paying a premium each month.

Less Annoying CRM doesn't gatekeep your business with feature limits. Designed to be as easy to use as possible, LACRM has only the features you need, with no arbitrary usage limits. Instead of paying for all the might-use-someday features, just pay for the will-use-today tools.

"We started using Less Annoying CRM many years ago when we were looking for an affordable 'less fussy' CRM to help with managing our small business contacts. We did not need all of the bells and whistles charged by the much bigger companies, that we would have paid for but not used. This company did exactly that, at a very affordable price."

Valery A
CEO & Co-founder

Stay on top of the relationships that matter the most: your contacts

As a marketing-optimized CRM, Freshworks is powerful for businesses focused on marketing. However, it also means that their core relationship tracking functionality revolves around email marketing and landing pages. This leaves teams not focused on marketing saddled with extra features, and complicated ways to accomplish basic tasks.

LACRM pares relationship management down to the core things you would need to manage: your contacts and workflows, with no limits. Add as many contacts as you want, track as many processes as you see fit. Less Annoying CRM is built to scale with your business, without any of the fluff you don't need.

"My last contact manager was powerful, full-blown...and a support nightmare. I just wanted a reliable package to manage info on my contacts. LACRM delivered."

Tim K
Founder & Owner

The highest-rated customer service in the industry

No more paying per support call, or only getting support if you're on a specific price tier (you'll need to be on Freshworks' $149/user Enterprise tier to qualify for all their support tools). Less Annoying CRM has the highest-rated customer service in the industry because we're a small business that knows how important it is to get answers quickly.

No catch here -- everyone at Less Annoying CRM gets free phone and email customer support, always.

"After spending hours with big companies, waiting to get help, answers or support in a crunch time, Less Annoying CRM feels like fresh air. If they don't actually answer the phone (rare) when I call, they get back to me right away and always make me feel like a priority customer even though I'm sure we are one of their smaller agencies."

Kim P
VP of Business Development

Highlighted features

The chart below compares Less Annoying CRM against the most comparable tier (in price and target market) of our competitor's CRM.


Price per user (month-to-month)
Follow up task management
Unlimited custom fields
Unlimited groups/tags
Email recording
File storage
Mobile access
API access
Integration with Google contacts/calendar
Integration with Mailchimp
Integration with Outlook calendar
Free 1:1 phone and email support
Data exports
Multi-view reporting
Project management
Workflow automation
Built-in email client
Sales forecasting
Web forms

Less Annoying CRM




Still have questions?

Less Annoying has the highest-rated customer service in the industry, and it’s always free. If you have more questions about how LACRM stacks up against another CRM, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help out!