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Thousands of small businesses use Less Annoying CRM to manage their customers and leads. Learn how we help them succeed.
Case StudiesTestimonials

Case Studies

When Sophia set out to create an independent financial planning business, she knew that the traditional financial planning CRMs weren't the answer for her solopreneurial setup. She needed something more streamlined and straightforward so that she could track key info without getting bogged down.

Kimberly runs a growing travel agency. She needed a CRM that could help her stay organized both as an owner and as an agent, plus she needed a tool that could evolve along with the growth of her business.

Patty works in a very specific niche of the real estate industry, and other CRMs weren't flexible enough to handle her unique organizational needs.

Testimonials and Reviews

Before using Less Annoying CRM I would estimate that 20-30% of our leads were falling through the cracks. I'm confident that we are now following up with each lead at the right time, and not forgetting about any of them. We now appear more professional to our customers, and the impact on our bottom line has been profound.
Drew Gulick
London Travel Clinic
Customer since October 2015

We are able to better keep track of our leads now. Before, we had to do everything based off of memory, and as our business grew, we were letting leads go that we forgot about. The CRM has allowed us to track, manage, and do more business.
Matthew Johnson
Green Light Booking, LLC
Customer since August 2013

I chose Less Annoying CRM because, well, it's less annoying! When I visited other possibilities, their ramp-up was complex and their learning curve depended on many hours of videos and other orientation. (Plus, the name makes me smile!)

LACRM has been awesome - simple, straightforward, a few simple, clear videos for support, and an extremely friendly and helpful support team. I've requested help a few times and always have enjoyed reliable, professional, thorough and absolutely helpful assistance from everyone I've connected with.

The feeling of absolute confidence and comfort, and an uncomplicated system have secured me as a lifetime client! I've also referred friends and associates and everyone mirrors my experience. So THANK YOU!
Barbara Frank
Customer since June 2013

I have used others, but this an ideal combination of simplicity and organization. At your desk or on the go...there is no better way to manage every task and process I need to be sure that no promise is overlooked and no opportunity is missed.
Adrian Walton
Canada Purple Shield
Customer since September 2013

I have been using the LACRM software for 3 years now, and it is literally the best thing since sliced bread....Before purchasing I looked at a lot of systems however this is by far the most advanced and tailored package out there for our needs.

The LACRM system is an integral part of our business and in addition the support is absolutely fantastic.

Well done to everyone at LACRM, keep up the good work!
Fair Tax Solutions, Ltd.
Customer since February 2012

With Less Annoying CRM it takes about 5 minutes to train a new employee on the CRM. With our old system it took over a week.
Michael Wild
Customer since March 2011

The simplest and most elegant piece of customer management software that ever crossed paths with a business owner.
Victor Nicollet

I had been using an expensive "big" CRM system. The functionality was much more than I would ever need and I was stuck paying the price for "stuff I would never use" I did some serious searching for a provider that would allow me to manage my contacts, set up appointments, a calendar, reminders, and allow me to share this information with others in my office. LACRM totally fits the bill! Plus I can use it on my tablet, so my client and prospect info is with me wherever I am! Thank you LACRM for saving me quite a bit of money and giving me a system that is easy to use.
Sharon Herman
Silver Key Wealth Management
Customer since December 2011

Last Monday I got an email alert to call a sales lead that I totally forgot, and thanks to this software, I sold it. Yeah! $500 commission!
Kelby Rodriguez
Customer since October 2011

I have recently subscribed to LACRM and could not be happier. I am a little "Old School" and have some resistance to CRM's. LACRM has been a Godsend to me and my business because, for the first time, I have a CRM that I completely understand and can navigate. I am using almost all of the tools provided and understand them. Most of the CRM's I attempted to use in the past were entirely and unnecessarily too difficult for the average small business owner like me. Thank you LACRM, your name describes it all!
William Hammett
Hammett Marketing Group LLC
Customer since January 2012

My needs in a CRM are: intuitive; inexpensive; everything syncs with my PC, iPad, iPhone; quick and informed customer support that's not off-shore; simple to use; ability to easily see a client and all of their pertinent data (emails, notes, birthdays, contact information, etc.) in one place; ability to customize to my business; did I say simple . . . . I've worked with 6 or 7 of the "well-known" ones using their trials and found them all to be more complicated -- probably because they have the ability to do more then I need. LACRM is made specifically for the small business owner from the ground up -- it's not a dumbed-down version of a more complicated system and I think this is its strength. Just starting to use it -- seems like it's just what I need -- and it's about time!
Adana Barbieri
RE/MAX Alliance Fort Collins
Customer since January 2012

I have been looking off-and-on for a CRM for three years, everytime I searched I have been overwhelmed by the complication of even the entry level versions. I do all my own marketing, sales and in-home cabinet refinishes, only I get about 150+ warm leads per year and convert about 80 of them to actual work projects. Unfortunately, several likely customers have fallen through the cracks in my manual paper system. I was beginning to wonder however if learning a complicated CRM wouldn't prove just as ineffective. At the point of giving up searching again, I stumbled across the name "Less Annoying" and immediately knew I had to read up on you guys. After just a little time with your product, what a relief, finally a CRM simple enough for my needs.
Jim Urban
Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing (Southwest Missouri Region)
Customer since January 2012

Less Annoying CRM helps us figure out which clients need to hear from us at any given time. As financial advisors, we don’t just want to check in when a financial quarter report comes out. We want to know how their daughter’s college graduation went or how they are recovering from that knee surgery. We care about our clients and their families, and Less Annoying CRM does an amazing job of helping us organize a lot of information about the lives of hundreds of clients, then make sure the right team member reaches out at the right time with the right message.
Shannon Rozner, J.D.
Customer since July 2015

Less Annoying CRM provided free easy demo videos, and impressively fast email responses to our questions. Any sales team can figure this one out without lengthy training. Pipelines can be built within minutes. LACRM will 'force' any other CRM's to go out of business. Pricing is competitive and customer service is without question - the best in the industry!
Mike Barclay
Customer since March 2012

I've been with LACRM for over one year and main (but not only) thing that stands out in my mind about LACRM is the customer service. In this day and age where you're lucky to get a form and an email response from a company, that is never the case with LACRM. NO! Here you get immediate telephone call and individuals who really want you to fully understand the solution to any problem or concern you may have. If nothing else, that support system makes LACRM not only a terrific CRM product but, perhaps even more importantly, it makes it one heck of a great, heartful, caring organization. They are - simply said - the best!
Mark Cohen
National Recall Alert Center
Customer since March 2011

We chose LACRM because our previous program was becoming too tedious for the salesmen and they spent more time dealing with admin stuff rather than selling. I found LACRM to be more user-friendly, salesmen picked it up within a short training and by the next day we were up and running with no problem. Tracking customers, orders and database with LACRM has made my job as Director of Sales easier and more efficient.
Pat Masino
DNE Neutraceuticals
Customer since May 2012

I have been needing a CRM for many years but had difficulty finding one I could actually use. I laughed when I found LACRM because the others were truly annoying--too difficult to set up and learn to use and no support. FInding LACRM was a dream come true. Not only is it easy to use, flexible to my needs, and graphically appealing, but the customer support is by far the #1 most fabulous support I have ever had from any company ever. I know that I can always rely on Tyler to help me and that gives me a lot of confidence that I can use this CRM and get the results I need. I actually have a free CRM with my website package but am willing to pay to use this one instead.
Debra Lynn Dadd
DLD Communications
Customer since September 2012

I chose LACRM because it was simple and easy to use. I did not have to provide my credit card to do the 30 day trail. LACRM was less expensive than other more complicated CRMs. I like the fact I can configure LACRM with processes appropriate to my business. Now I have ONE STOP shopping for contacts, sales development and business relationships...all for $10/user! I love the Sales Development report...I can see all sales activity in one screen with appropriate info visible! LACRM's tutorials and customer support are included and EXCELLENT. I could not be happier with LACRM...keep up the GOOD JOB!!
Charles Bishop
Texas Hill Country Photography
Customer since June 2014

I'm amazed at the simplicity and the intuitive design of LACRM. I'm even more amazed and thankful for LACRM's high level of support. LACRM is the perfect answer for most small businesses.
Stanton Williams
Jones Square
Customer since January 2015

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