Our company values

Less Annoying CRM strives to help small businesses succeed.

We primarily do this by offering simple CRM software that is affordable and simple enough for low-tech small businesses to use. Balancing the needs of small and large customers can be tricky, so we have a simple rule to keep us honest: We’ll only serve large customers if we think it’s a net positive for our smaller customers. Learn more.

Employees are Less Annoying CRM’s greatest asset.

The best way to serve our customers is to have an amazing team.  When it comes down to it, protecting employees from toxic situations is our priority. You do not have to deal with abusive customers. We also want you to like the people you work with and enjoy spending time with them. We value relationships with coworkers and strive to build a compassionate community. We pay all employees a baseline thriving wage to make sure everyone can live comfortably. Learn more.

Less Annoying CRM does not have a typical startup or engineering culture.

We are in this for the long haul. We will not work you to the bone—we want you to leave at 5:00pm and you will not be rewarded for working outside of those hours. Go live your life! It is not high intensity or a high risk-high reward company. Employees at Less Annoying CRM work to live—we don’t live to work. We do not foster a cutthroat competitive environment. You will never be competing against other employees at work—You will only compete against your former self as you grow as a person and an employee. You will not get rich working at Less Annoying CRM—no one does. We value steady growth and providing an amazing product over quarterly gains, steep ROIs, or rapidly scaling our business.

We do not tolerate intolerance.

We believe that Black Lives Matter, racism is real and has a negative impact on the tech community. As a company, we have to be willing to take a stand and say that some opinions are wrong, and we don’t welcome those opinions. Our DEI efforts are specifically focused on supporting and welcoming people from groups that are traditionally disenfranchised. Learn more.