Summer Interns 2017

This summer, Less Annoying CRM welcomed six new interns and five coding fellows. Read on to learn more about our eleven new summer additions!
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CRM Coach Interns

The three CRM Coach Interns train as Coaches and offer customer support, while also juggling special projects in coding and marketing. If you email LACRM, there’s a good chance you’ll talk to one of our new interns!

LACRM Intern Katelyn


Katelyn is a senior at Wash U majoring in English and Psychology. Originally from Rancho Palos Verdes, Katelyn enjoys writing poetry, making playlists, hunting for independent coffee shops and watching thunderstorms. She joined LACRM to work with a team that truly cares about connecting with people.

LACRM Intern Jen


A senior at Saint Louis University from Kapolei, Hawaii, Jen studies Political Science and Math. In her free time, Jen loves eating her way through St. Louis, playing hockey, upcycling, and solving cryptograms. She came to LACRM because she values working for a company owned and based in St. Louis. Jen is looking forward to office culture and learning more about coding and the tech industry!

LACRM Intern Lauren


Lauren is a senior at Wash U where she studies English and Political Science. Originally from Los Altos, California, she joined the team to experience working in the tech industry. She enjoys reading, drinking coffee, and going to parks. This summer, Lauren is looking forward to exploring downtown St. Louis and working in such a fun office.

Developer Interns

Our three Developer Interns work directly with the CRM software and have already made improvements you interact with every day.

LACRM Intern Reno


A senior at Missouri University of Science and Technology majoring in Computer Science, Reno originally hails from Dunedin, Florida but currently resides in Kimberling City, Missouri. As a Development Intern, he is looking forward to learning a lot and having fun this summer. Unsurprisingly, Reno enjoys web development in his down time, but also plays video games, rock climbs, and cooks.

LACRM Intern Sean


Sean, originally from Lee’s Summit, Missouri, is a recent graduate of Missouri University of Science and Technology who majored in Computer Science. When he’s not working as a Development Intern, Sean can be found running a personal server, offering free tech support for friends and family, and spending time outside camping and hiking. He is looking forward to discovering what it’s like to work at a small business, and of course, the company float trip.

LACRM Intern Max


A recent graduate of Wash U, Maxwell studied Computer Science and Studio Art. From Columbus, Ohio, Maxwell enjoys CGI, electronic music, and reading. He joined the team for the workplace environment, and hopes to learn more about software development.

Coding Fellows

Our five coding fellows are developing their own websites and polishing their coding skills through hands-on learning approach supplemented by lessons taught by LACRM Developers.

LACRM Intern Lexi


Lexi, a junior at Wash U majoring in Linguistics and Psychology, comes to LACRM from Batavia, Illinois. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, crafting, and reading. Lexi applied for the Coding Fellowship because she recognizes the increasing importance of coding in both the linguistics and psychology fields.

LACRM Intern Jenny


Jenny joins the team from Scarsdale, New York. She is a senior at Wash U majoring in Cognitive Neuroscience who enjoys baking, reading, and intramural sports. Jenny applied for the Coding Fellowship because she really liked her intro computer science classes in college and feels that coding is an important skill no matter the field she goes into. She can’t wait to finish her website and see it go live this summer!

LACRM Intern Jillian


A senior at Wash U majoring in Economics and Psychology, Jillian originally hails from San Diego, California. She applied for the Coding Fellowship because she loves learning new things and the satisfaction that comes from figuring something out. Jillian loves listening to music and is super passionate about her Spotify playlists. This summer, she’s looking forward to company events to explore St. Louis and get to know everyone!

LACRM Intern Kelly


Kelly, a senior at Wash U majoring in Psychology, comes to LACRM from Jericho, New York. Though she has a minor in Computer Science, Kelly wanted to improve her programming skills and practically apply them. She can’t wait to have a fully functioning personal website by the end of the summer! When she’s not coding, Kelly loves longboarding, knitting and crocheting, and baking.

LACRM Intern Khaila


Khaila, a junior at Webster University, was born and raised right here in St. Louis. She is majoring in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English, and her future plans to teach influenced her decision to learn to code. Khaila believes many of her students will either code or want to learn, and she wants to understand what they’re working on. Her passion for working with youth extends into her free time, when she enjoys tutoring and volunteering. Despite her severe allergies, Khaila loves the outdoors and being in nature.

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