Sneak Peek: Notes Formatting

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Stay organized and help important information stand out with our new note editing tools. This feature will be automatically added for free to every CRM account in the coming months, but you can email us now for early access.

Notes in the CRM are a feature virtually every customer I’ve ever worked with uses. I know I personally use notes more frequently than almost any other feature in the CRM. Since this is something we know you’re probably using a lot, we wanted to elevate that experience while retaining the simplicity of our note-taking system.

So next time you go to take a note, you’ll notice some new options to make it easier to keep your notes organized. You can now bold, italicize, and underline your notes for emphasis. You can also use the strikethrough  option. You can even highlight your notes! There are buttons you can click to do this, or feel free to use your regular keyboard shortcuts for these options.

Here’s an example of a note on a client - I used bold text, underlining, and a numbered list to make this note easier to refer back to later.

Help your future self by making your notes clear and easy to read with bullet points, numbered lists, and line breaks.

Here, I’m using our line break and bullet point features to organize meeting notes.

You can even put a direct quotes from your contacts into your notes.

In this example, I’m showing how you can quote a client.

As a bonus, if you are familiar with markdown editing, you can also use markdown syntax to add headings, create linebreaks, and more.

We hope this improvement to notes makes your day-to-day experience of the CRM more enjoyable and productive. This improvement will roll out to every user in the future, but if you want a sneak peek, you can email us to get early access.

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