Sneak Peek: New Form Builder Feature

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We are going to release a new forms tool soon—email us if you'd like early access to the forms tool.

An example form with a variety of fields
An example of a form your clients, prospects, or other contacts will fill out.

We know that data entry is not anyone’s favorite part of using a CRM. While importing makes this process go faster, we’re heard from a lot of customers who are looking for a form tool to automatically enter information into the CRM. Soon, you'll be able to create a form in the CRM and have your clients, potential customers, or anyone else fill it out. Simply send them the link to the form and have them fill out the necessary fields. Once they do, they will be added to the CRM as a new contact, along with an attached form in the attached items section.

You can set up your form to automatically fill in contact, company, and pipeline fields.

Simply create the form on the form settings page, choosing which fields from your CRM you’d like to link to the form. (You can also choose not to link any fields if you’d prefer.)

Take a look at how easy it is to build a form.

Email your link out to customers and you’re ready to go.

When someone fills out your form, all of that information is automatically added to the CRM. You’ll be able to see a list of all of the form submissions under that form settings tab, or otherwise just go to the contacts page to see your brand new contacts!

You can have as much or as little happen in the CRM as you’d like here - for example, if you wanted you could make it so that every time someone fills out your form, a new contact is created along with a company record for where they work, with as many fields filled out as you’d like. You could even create multiple pipeline items at the same time!

Whether you have potential customers fill out this form, new clients, vendors, or anyone else, we hope this new tool will eliminate most of that annoying data entry work in the CRM.

*Note - this will create new records, not update existing records.

Wondering how you could use this new feature? Check out some ideas below!

  1. Create an intake form: Every time you start working with a new client, simply email them the form you created in Less Annoying CRM. As soon as they fill it out, you’ll have all the information you need to start working with them ready to go. No data entry needed.
  2. Uses forms with your email's automatic replies: Set up automatic email replies in your email program, so that when a prospective customer or client emails you, you automatically send them a link to your form to fill out, collecting any necessary information.
  3. Get project details: Email a customer and ask them to fill out a form with any details about a project they’d like you to work on. Get all of those details into a pipeline in the CRM, along with creating a contact record for your customer.

These are just a few ideas for how to use this tool. And we’re planning on continuing to improve this feature, so be on the look out for more ways to use this tool in the future.

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