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Ever wondered what folks are saying about Less Annoying CRM? In this edition of Less Annoying in the news, I'll cover recent mentions of Less Annoying in the press, in addition to great guest posts and interviews with folks on the Less Annoying team!


3 CRM features that could overcomplicate your business

LACRM's CEO explains the power of simplicity when selecting a CRM: "It might seem like increasing your software budget will also increase the software's benefit; that might explain why 13 percent of small-business owners plan to increase their spending on CRM software in 2019. But small businesses should be wary of buyer's remorse, especially when it comes to costly tech, as nearly 50 percent of CRM licenses go unused." The solution? If you're a small business without a huge budget, think twice before paying for the features Tyler mentions in this post.

Check out the 3 features most small business' don't need in their CRM on Destination CRM.

How CRMs can spark (or continue) fast growth

Tech and business writer Rashan Dixon mentions Less Annoying CRM in his article on growth-minded CRMs: "Let’s face it: There’s nothing fun about business software. What’s even less fun about it for small firms is the fact that most business applications are designed for enterprise companies. Small business users simply don’t have time to explore “what if” scenarios or wait for help from IT.... Less Annoying CRM does have a nice selection of small business-focused features, such as a team calendar and hands-off backups and updates. Plus, it’s far less expensive than the other options on this list, at a $10 per user per month price point, with no long-term contracts required."

You can read the rest of this post on Entrepreneur.com.

Don't upgrade your CRM until you've reached these milestones

Tyler King explains what it takes to justify a CRM upgrade in this post: "As an entrepreneur, it’s tempting to think ahead and splurge on a fancy enterprise CRM that can scale with your company. But enterprise software that’s too robust and expensive could harm, not help, your small business." So how do you know when it is the right time to upgrade your CRM? Evaluate your current system, consider you total cost of owning a new CRM, and make sure your entire team is onboard with the change.

You can read the rest of this article on Entrepreneur.com.

On your career

3 ways to work toward the career you want

LACRM partner Alex Haimann is mentioned in this post on working towards the career you want: "When Alex Haimann, now head of business development and partner at Less Annoying CRM, moved to St. Louis, he discovered a welcoming pool. 'In addition to the huge costs associated with living in big cities — which make buying a home and growing your savings nearly impossible, especially for Millennials and Gen Zers — building a professional and personal network is tricky,' he observed. 'In St. Louis, I’ve been able to engage with others in a far more authentic way than I did in any setting in D.C. — and as a result, each of the two jobs I’ve had since moving here have come from networking locally.'”

You can read the rest of this post on Thrive Global.

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