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Our latest guest posts and interviews on customer service, building a business, and what it's like to work in St. Louis
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Some Less Annoying team members have been popping up all over web lately, whether it's a guest post on how we offer killer customer service or an interview on how we built a business during the recession. Check out what we had to say below!


This is our favorite topic! From finding the right CRM for your business to implementing a successful adoption plan, our team loves discussing all things customer relationship management.

3 Keys to CRM success for small businesses

Less Annoying partner Alex Haimann dishes out his expertise on small business CRM: "In the case of small business CRM, more isn't always more. Sometimes, small businesses get caught up in the search for a CRM with all the bells and whistles to 'compete with the big guys' or automate more areas of their business. But overly complex software can actually hurt a small business's chance at a successful CRM installation."

Read Alex's top 3 CRM finding tips for small businesses on Business.com.

On Business

In addition to having tons of CRM experience, the Less Annoying team knows how to run a business. Not only have we been around for a decade in a very competitive market, but we work with thousands of small businesses. In these posts, we share our experiences with running a business to help other small business owners succeed.

How to Win In a Competitive Market with Tyler King of Less Annoying CRM

Siimon Sander interviews Less Annoying's CEO and co-founder Tyler King on how he built a successful product in an oversaturated market. Tyler talks about the importance of choosing a specific target audience, how he found Less Annoying CRM's first paying customer, and what it's like to build a business with a family member.

Listen to the podcast here.

What tech do you need for your small business?

Julia Zasso, LACRM's marketer, explains the essential pieces of tech every small business needs on PieSync's blog: "As a marketer at a small software business (who in turn serves our small business customer-base), a big part of my job involves selecting and advising on tech. Although every small business is different, there are a few essential pieces of tech everyone needs, no matter what industry you’re in or how many employees you have."

Read the 4 essential pieces of technology Julia recommends for every small business on PieSync's Blog.

On Customer Service

Less Annoying believes in the power of customer service (that's why half of our employees are CRM Coaches and every staff member does customer support for at least an hour a week). By providing great customer support, we hope to help our customers maximize their use of the CRM so that they get the most possible benefits from the service for their company. Plus, we like making our customers happy, and solving their issues and answering their questions does just that. Given our customer service expertise, we often write about our experiences in guest posts.

How to build proactive customer support into your sales process

In a post for Freshdesk, Julia explains how to provide proactive customer support during your sales process. This ensures that your customers have a relationship with your team on day one (instead of when their first issue crops up), and you can remove major onboarding hurdles before your customer hits them.

Check out Julia's top 4 tips on  creating a customer support-driven sales process here.

How Less Annoying CRM uses webinars to nurture customers and scale their support

In a case study for Livestorm, Less Annoying's webinar platform of choice, Julia explains how the CRM Coaching team uses webinars to educate and train their 20K-user customer base. While webinars started as a great way to give quick demos to folks who didn't want to commit to a phone call, they ended up being a much better tool for sharing feature deep-dives and use-case tutorials with existing users.

You can read the rest of Julia's interview on  Livestorm's website.

On St. Louis

Less Annoying is proud to be headquartered in gorgeous downtown St. Louis. Aside from our strong opinions on Imo's pizza and the Cardinals, we love talking about business and tech in the Lou.

10 Spots for meetings in downtown St. Louis

Alive magazine quotes Less Annoying Partner Alex Haimann in their post on great downtown meeting spots: “If you and your company are not using Downtown St. Louis to recruit and retain millennial talent, you’re missing out." If you want to read about some of our favorite interview and hangout spots downtown, read this post from  Alive Magazine.

Long but not strong: how 3 St. Louisans have experienced the economy since 2009

The St. Louis Post Dispatch interviewed Less Annoying's CEO Tyler King on his experience building a business during the recession: "My intuition is that for our type of business, tough times made it a little better. We are a low-cost solution at a time when businesses are paying a lot of attention to costs."

You can read the rest of the article on the  Post Dispatch's website.

I moved from a big city to a smaller one — and learned being a big fish in a small pond is way better for your career

Less Annoying partner Alex Haimann discusses his journey from D.C. to St. Louis: "My relocation to a small city has been nothing but positive." In addition to saving on cost of living and commute time, Alex noticed that he had an easier time building a personal network, landing secure employment, and taking up passion projects (like landing on a nonprofit board) in St. Louis than he did in a bigger city.

You can read about the rest of Alex's journey in  Business Insider.

St. Louis tech companies target diversity as head counts grow

In an article from the St. Louis Business Journal, Less Annoying CEO Tyler King discusses how the company approaches hiring a diverse workforce, including an explanation of our new Coding Fellowship program.

You can read what Tyler has to say on  the St. Louis Business Journal's website.

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