Less Annoying CRM Affiliate Program

Help the people in your network succeed, and we’ll help you succeed.

With the highest customer happiness ratings in the industry, your connections will thank you for letting them know about LACRM. And as an affiliate, you’ll be entitled to 10% of the revenue from everyone you refer.

Who is this for?

Less Annoying CRM is designed specifically for small businesses, which means that our affiliate program is perfect for anyone who has connections to small businesses. Here’s just a sampling of the hundreds of different types of affiliate partners we’ve worked with:

  • Publishing companies, website owners, and other people who have built up an audience.
  • Business coaches who want to help their clients get organized.
  • Franchise, direct sales, and network marketing organizations that want to improve the productivity of their members.
  • Agencies that want to share a CRM recommendation with their independent agents.
  • Thought leaders who others look to for business advice.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Sign up

Fill out this simple form to become an affiliate. This will give you access to our affiliate portal where you can check the status of your referrals, view commission info, and more.

Step 2 - Send out your affiliate link

Each affiliate gets a unique link. Just share that link with anyone who might be interested in using LACRM, and we’ll send you 10% of the revenue you generate. It’s really that simple.

Step 3 - Talk to us for additional opportunities

We want to do everything we can to help you succeed as an affiliate. We can help you set up custom settings that new users will automatically have applied to their accounts, give co-branded webinars to your audience, and even offer personalized training. Just get in touch, and we can talk about all the options.

Interested in building an integration with LACRM?

If you'd like to reach Less Annoying CRM's network of users via an integration with your software, check out our integration partner program.

Learn more about our integration partner program