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The perfect CRM for travel agents

Less Annoying CRM helps you manage client data and track travel reservations so that every trip goes as smoothly as possible.
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How it works

Success for travel agents is all about the details. Whether you're planning a weekend trip for a family, solo trip across the country, or cruise for a large group, keeping information about your relationships to clients and vendors organized is essential. If you're maintaining a pipeline of leads, managing follow-ups, and booking trips, or any other of the dozens of things you have to do every day, it's tough to stay on top of all of your follow-ups and bookings!

That's where Less Annoying CRM can help out. CRM stands for "customer relationship management," and LACRM can help you keep your entire workflow organized in one digital space. You may have a flurry of different people to update with a variety of details -- families traveling together, large groups, and individuals who need details about pricing, deadlines, hotel reservations, and car/air reservations. The way you track that information depends on how you work best, and no two businesses are the same. That's why you can customize the CRM to fit your unique needs.

Never forget a follow-up or trip detail. Always have an up-to-the-second, simple pipeline of your active bookings. Preserve details about all of your interactions so you can draw upon them later. Link related contacts together, so every member of a group trip is easily accessible. And do all of that in a sleek, simple, uncluttered system that stays out of your way and lets you do the work you need to do.

Start a trial today, and contact us for help customizing the CRM to fit your needs. We'll speak to you personally for as long as it takes, because there's no point in using a system unless you can actually get it to the point where it's useful!
  • No contract required
  • No setup fees
  • No hidden charges - just $10.00 per user/month.
  • Already used by 100s of travel agents

Personalized Travel Agent Features

We've created a template designed to serve as a starting point for travel agencies like yours. This includes two Vacation Booking pipelines to help you keep track of all of your clients' travel, even if a client is planning more than one trip at a time.

However, this template is only a starting point! Your business is unique, and the Less Annoying CRM team knows that the needs of a travel agency vary widely depending on the type of travel you book, the size of your business, and any of a wide array of other variables. Less Annoying CRM is designed to be flexible so that you can keep working the way you already do, and mould the CRM so that it reinforces those existing workflows.

If you want assistance tweaking this template, just let us know. We're happy to schedule a call with you, learn about the specific needs of your business, and shape the CRM to fit those needs. And yes, you'll actually talk to a real live person!

Get started with the travel agent template
Our travel agent features include:
Simple pipelines to track new leads and bookings for existing clients
Easily link contacts together to track referrals, families, travel groups, and other essential relationship details
Free help from the experts at Less Annoying CRM to make sure you're getting the most out of LACRM


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