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The easiest CRM for real estate agents

Less Annoying CRM helps you track deals and client data so that every sale closes without a hitch.
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How it works

Real estate is a relationships game. Agents and brokers need to make sure that they are keeping in touch with past clients, pursuing new leads, and tracking the offers they have on the table at any given moment — all of this, on top of building relationships with potential clients and managing all of your hard-earned leads from various marketing channels. It can be difficult to stay on top of every follow up, viewing, and pending task when there is so much on your plate!

That's where Less Annoying CRM comes in. A CRM, short for "customer relationship manager," can help you stay on top of your follow ups, drive more closings, and keep track of all of your leads. The CRM can hold all of the data you need — properties for sale, clients looking to buy, commission, ideal close dates, budgets, and more; you can track an entire transaction, from lead to close. Plus, LACRM is customizable, so you can organize, track, and group your data in the way that works best for you and your business.

You deserve a reliable, simple, and easy to use system to help you stay organized and maximize your relationships. With LACRM, you'll get a clear, bird's eye view of your business: all of your leads, your clients, and your follow ups in one place. Never let another potential client slip through the cracks, easily find all of your information in one place, and quickly pull reports to see which deals and leads you need to focus on. With the calendar and reminder features, stay on top of every viewing and never forget to send a contract or follow up with a client again. Do it all with a simple, easy to use system that you can access anywhere and share with your team.

Start a trial today, and Less Annoying CRM's customer support can help you every step of the way in getting your account set up and running. A CRM isn't useful until you actually know how to use it; that's why our team of CRM coaches will answer any questions you have, show you how to use the CRM, customize your account to fit your unique needs, and even help train the rest of your staff!
  • No contract required
  • Just $10.00 per user/month
  • Free customer service for you and your team
  • Already used by tons of real estate agents

Customized Real Estate Agent Features

We've created a template to help real estate agencies like yours get started with the CRM. The template includes two pipelines for tracking sellers and buyers, so that you can easily balance a client who fits in both categories and has multiple deals on the table.

You can also customize your account to fit your unique small business! We know that every real estate agency is different; in the kinds of clients they work with, lead sources they use, and deals they encounter. If you also work in property management or investing, or you need help managing your team, our flexible system is designed to accommodate a wide variety of small businesses, yours included.

If you need customizing help, schedule a call! A CRM coach will help you create custom fields, pipelines, and groups to fit your business' needs. And yes, you'll be talking to a real, live person!

Get started with the real estate agent template
Our real estate agent features include:
Customizable pipelines to track every deal from start to finish
Simple reporting features to help you stay on top of potential client
Easily link contacts to keep track of referral networks


"Less Annoying CRM is exactly that — it's NOT as annoying as the others are with their endless learning curves. I'm not a genius when it comes to figuring out a new program. But with this one, I literally sat right down and started using it. Zero learning curve. I can't afford to NOT have it, and neither can you."
Elizabeth DeBiasi
Real estate agent (via Capterra)
"This CRM does the basics so well...We have tried other more popular (read: more complicated) CRM's and found them to be too difficult, too long learning curve, and too feature laden to be of real value. Most Realtors simply will not use 90% of the features they offer. My sincere advice is try Less Annoying."
Bruce Hackel
Real estate broker at Re/Max Synergy (via Capterra)

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