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The simplest CRM for insurance agents

Less Annoying CRM is simple, affordable, and easy to use. We'll help you stay on top of leads, and even follow up with current customers before renewal dates so that nothing slips through the cracks.
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How it works

As an insurance agent, you have a lot to keep track of: policy applications, renewal dates, Medicare information, leads, current clients, group plans, and more. You're searching for a system that will take some of the load off your brain (and day-planner) and help you manage the day to day activities of your business. For your clients, you need a reliable, safe place to store their data so that you always have their policy information on hand. For your own sanity, you need a system to remind you of follow ups with leads and track which policies are about to expire.

Less Annoying CRM is an insurance agent's solution to staying organized and growing their business. CRM stands for "customer relationship management"; we'll help you store every piece of data you need to know about a client, track leads, and remind you of follow ups, all from one centralized system. Less Annoying CRM's customer service comes free with every account, so we'll even help you set up your CRM, import your contacts, and customize your system to fit your unique agency. If you add other agents to your team as you grow, we'll even help you with training and onboarding so that everyone becomes a CRM expert in a matter of hours.

With LACRM, you can have policy information and renewal dates on hand and easily pull reports to see who will be eligible for Medicare soon. Track applications for each client and get a bird's eye view of how many leads you have at any given time. Keep detailed client notes and policy information so that you never lose an important number or a detail. Receive daily agenda emails and never forget another phone call or follow up again.

If you want to grow your insurance business, LACRM can help you build lasting relationships with clients and make sure that a lead never slips through the cracks. Start a free trial today, and contact us for help setting up your system and importing your records — we are always happy to hop on the phone and discuss how the CRM can work for you!
  • Just $10.00 per user/month
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Free customer service
  • Already used by 100s of insurance agents

Personalized Insurance Agent Features

After working with tons of insurance agents, we've created a template to help jumpstart your CRM setup. It includes a pipeline for tracking brand new leads, so that you can see what policies they're interested in, as well as where each application is in the process of being approved. We also have custom fields for tracking important information about each policy and client so that you can easily find what you need to know.

This template is just the starting point, however! A Less Annoying CRM coach can help you customize your system so that you can track the specific carriers and policies you offer and set up groups for your big clients. Less Annoying CRM is designed to be flexible so that you can keep working the way you already do, and the CRM will help you solidify and codify your existing workflows.

If you want assistance setting up your account, just let us know. We'd be more than happy to hop on the phone with you to learn about your business, show you the ins and outs of the system, and customize everything to fit your exact needs. You'll get free phone, email, and screen sharing support from real people who are experts in the CRM.

Get started with the insurance agent template
Our insurance agent features include:
Pipelines to track your leads and policies
Custom fields so that you never forget another renewal date
Daily agenda emails to help you stay on top of your follow ups
Groups to easily categorize contacts by plan or policy


"It's fast and easy to use. Everything is self explanatory."
John Allen
Insurance Broker (via Capterra)
"Top Notch CRM that's definitely less annoying on your wallet! The learning curve is short. It's extremely easy to use. The customizability is exceptional. Gets the job done."
John Ashford
Insurance Agent (via Capterra)
"Balancing all the features resulted in me choosing LACRM over others. I have not regretted the decision. My only regret is that I have been slow to implement the procedures I am trying to follow now. It really does pay off."
Michael Myers
Insurance and Financial Agent

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Check out this webinar made exclusively for insurance agents! We cover seven ways you can optimize your CRM and grow your agency.

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