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How to get your user code and API key

If you’d like to use LACRM’s API to integrate another program, you’ll need two pieces of information, your user code and API key. The user code is a unique code that we use to identify your account, while the API key acts as a password when you connect to the API.

Please note: anyone who knows your user code and API key can access your account through the API. If you share these details with anyone, they will be able to access your CRM.

You can find both your user code and API key on the Programmer API page. Simply mouse over “Settings” and select “Programmer API” in the menu.

On that page you’ll see a button that says “Enable API.” You can select that button, and then your user code will appear under the “API access” section. Your user code will be a series of numbers. An additional section, “API Keys” will appear below that.

There you can copy your API key, or select to show the full key. If you’d like to limit this key’s access to the CRM, you can select “Edit” and then update the permissions for that key. If you’re ever concerned that there may be unauthorized access to your CRM via the API, you can use the "Delete" link to remove the existing API key, and then generate a new one.

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