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Using FONREACH to log call activity in Less Annoying CRM

Written by Maggie Conroy

The creators of the cloud dialer platform FONREACH have built an integration between their platform and Less Annoying CRM. By granting FONREACH access to your Less Annoying CRM account through the LACRM API, FONREACH’s tool will be able to log activity from your FONREACH account to your LACRM automatically, including entering notes about calls and setting tasks.

Click here to review the full details of the integration on FONREACH’s site.

This tutorial will explain how to link your FONREACH account to Less Annoying CRM. Before we dive in, a couple things to keep in mind:

  • By giving FONREACH your API credentials, you are granting FONREACH programmatic access to your CRM account. You should only do this with programs that you trust, as you are essentially giving FONREACH login credentials for your CRM account. 
  • The screenshots and instructions listed here were provided to us by FONREACH’s team — if anything seems inaccurate or out of date, please let us know at help@lessannoyingcrm.com so we can work with FONREACH to get correct information for this tutorial!

How to Enable the Integration 

Turn on the Integration in FONREACH

Before doing anything else, you’ll need to enable the integration in your FONREACH account. Go to “System Settings” in the menu bar at the top of the page and choose “External Applications.” On the External Applications page, choose the “Less Annoying CRM” tab:

Enable LACRM Integration

Toggle the switch to enable the integration:

Turn on LACRM integration

Next, you’ll need to fetch your User Code and API Token from Less Annoying CRM. Log into your CRM account and mouse over “Settings” at the top of the page. Choose “View all settings options” and then click the option near the bottom of the page that reads Developer API. Once on this page, click “Generate a new API Token.” Copy and paste the User Code and API Token into the corresponding fields in the FONREACH interface.

CRM API token


REMINDER: Your API Token should be treated like a password, and you should only share it with systems that you trust. Systems with your User Code and your active API Token can view and modify all of the data in your CRM account.

Create your LACRM users in FONREACH

On the Programmer API settings page in the CRM, find the section that says“User Ids”(this section will only appear if you have an active API Token). In this section, each user on your account will be shown along with their unique UserId. 


Open FONREACH and navigate back to the page for the integration’s settings (System Settings > External Applications > “Less Annoying CRM” tab). In the “Less Annoying CRM users” section, find the “Add CRM User” button:

User Creation in FONREACH

Grab the name and unique ID from the CRM settings page and enter them into the appropriate fields in the FONREACH interface. Click “Save Settings” and you should see a message telling you that that user from your CRM has been added to FONREACH:

Entering UserID into FONREACH FONREACH success message

Finalize the Integration Settings in FONREACH

There are a number of other steps you might need to take in FONREACH to finalize the setup of your Less Annoying CRM integration, including:

  • Deciding which call activities should show in the CRM and how they should be labeled
  • Mapping FONREACH users, queues, and ring groups to LACRM users

Once you’ve got these settings finalized, call types of your choosing will log to LACRM and create notes and tasks for various types of call activity. A successfully logged call activity might look something like this in your LACRM account:

Logged note from FONREACH

For full instructions on how to finalize these FONREACH integration settings, please see the tutorial offered on FONREACH’s website. Click here to view/download a PDF of these instructions.

Use FONREACH click-to-call inside Less Annoying CRM

FONREACH offers a softphone that you can install on your computer to enable click-to-call functionality. Once you have downloaded the softphone through FONREACH, you will be able to select any phone number in the LACRM interface to dial out — just select the number and right-click, then choose the “Tel: ##########” option in the “Right click Dialer” menu.

Click to dial inside LACRM #1

Click to dial inside LACRM #2

For questions about this integration, please contact FONREACH for additional details. If you have any questions about the CRM system, of course, please contact us!

Posted on May 1, 2019
Filed under Help Documentation, Integrations
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