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What are teams? What can I use them for?

Create teams of users and share groups with specific teams
Written by Grady Randolph

Teams allow you to share groups between certain teams of users. Without teams, groups are either private (visible only to you) or public (shared with your entire account). On an account with several users, public groups can become cluttered and confusing. Creating teams helps you organize and manage group sharing permissions — here’s how:

Note: You must be an administrator on your account in order to have access to the Teams feature. Contact your account’s administrators in you believe you should have admin privileges.

1. Consider the users on your account, and think of the teams they make up.      To get started with teams, you’ll want to first consider the users on your account, and think of the teams they make up. Then, consider what groups those teams would need access to that other users don’t.

For example, your marketing team might need access to several groups of marketing lists, but the rest of your team doesn’t need to see these groups. Or your customer service team needs groups for logging feature requests and beta testers, but the rest of your CRM users won’t be accessing those groups.

2. Create a team. Once you’ve planned out your teams, click “Create a new team” on the Team Settings page. Give the team a name, and select the users on that team. Click “Create Team”.

3. Manage your teams. You can rename, add/remove members, and delete Teams from the Team Settings page.

Using Teams

You can share groups with teams of users from the Groups page (also under Settings). Click the “Manage permissions” option next to a group that you want to share with your new team. In addition to the sharing options for “Just me (private)” and “All users on this account (public)”, you’ll now see “Share with specific teams”. Check off the names of the groups that you want to grant access to this specific group.

You can share a group with multiple teams!

Note: Users only have the ability to see contacts assigned to users that they have read only or full access to their contact lists. By granting a team access to a group, you’re allowing the users on that team to see the name of the group and add contacts to that group. The users on the team will only be able to see contacts that they have permission access in those groups; sharing a group with a user will not change their permissions or automatically give them access to all of the contacts in that group.

Right now, Teams can only be used to share groups, but we may expand on the Teams functionality in the future.

If you have any questions about the Teams feature, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Posted on Jul 2, 2019
Filed under Help Documentation, Account Management , Groups
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