New Texting Integration: My Rep Chat

Text your contacts and log messages in the CRM using My Rep Chat’s integration
Written by Julia Zasso

Less Annoying CRM has a new integration with My Rep Chat, a client text-messaging software that you can use on your computer and phone. Using My Rep Chat, you can text your LACRM contacts and log messages in the CRM so that all of your customer communications are in one place. If you frequently text customers or use texting as a marketing channel, check out My Rep Chat!

Integration Details

Pricing: My Rep Chat offers a 14-day free trial, no credit card upfront. If you like what you see, My Rep Chat is $15/month (in addition to your Less Annoying CRM subscription).

Features: My Rep Chat has everything you need to text your clients ASAP. 

  • Help you create a new business number or set up auto-forwarding to an existing number
  • Sync your LACRM contacts to their system for text messaging and group messaging
  • Schedule messages in advance and create recurring messages
  • Log text conversations to the CRM so that all of your client communications are in one place

To get started: Visit the Less Annoying CRM - My Rep Chat landing page and click the “Try it for free” button to get started. You’ll begin by creating your account and selecting your number. Once you have My Rep Chat set up, you can start sending text messages!

Questions about My Rep Chat? Contact their customer support at 1.844.402.CHAT(2428) or

Posted on Oct 15, 2018
Filed under Product Updates
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