How to make Less Annoying CRM your browser's homepage

Make the CRM the first site you see whenever you open a new window or tab
Written by Julia Zasso

The best way to maximize your use of Less Annoying CRM? Make regular data entry a habit. The more info you have in the CRM (and the more accurate it is), the more your CRM can help you.

One easy way to make the CRM more accessible? Make the CRM your browser’s homepage! That way, when you open up your browser, the CRM will be the first site that you see. And the more accessible the CRM is, the more likely you’ll be to enter data regularly. Plus, if you are transitioning to Less Annoying CRM from another online database, by making the CRM your homepage, you’ll make it harder for yourself to slip back into old habits and navigate to your old database.

Note: there are many internet browsers out there with different procedures for changing their homepage, so we are just covering the most popular ones in this article. If you are having trouble changing your browser’s home screen and your browser isn’t covered in this tutorial, feel free to contact us!


1. Open Chrome. Click the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of the browser and select Settings.

Making LACRM your home page in Chrome

2. In the Appearance section, toggle “Show home button” on, and select the option to “Enter a custom web address”. Enter

Make LACRM your home page in Chrome


1. Open Firefox. In the upper-right corner, click the hamburger menu icon and choose “Preferences” in the dropdown.

Make LACRM your home page in Firefox

2. Under the “General” section, choose the “Show your home page” option under “When Firefox starts”. Then enter under “Home page”.

Make LACRM your home page in Firefox


1. Open Safari and select “Preferences” under “Safari” in the top menu.

Make LACRM your home page in Safari

2. Under the “General” tab, enter under the “Homepage” field (or, click “Set to current page” if you are already on Your Workspace).

Make LACRM your home page in Safari

Microsoft Edge

1. Open Edge. In the upper-right corner, click the 3 dot menu, and choose “Settings” in the dropdown.

Make LACRM your home page in Edge

2. Under Settings, choose “A specific page or pages” under the “Open with” list. Then, choose custom under the following dropdown. Enter for the URL.

Make LACRM your home page in Edge


On some smartphones and browsers, you can set a homepage, on others, you can’t. I’ll try to cover the most popular devices and browsers below:

  • iPhone: on Safari (iOS’ default browser) and Chrome (a browser you can download), you can’t set a homepage. Your best bet in this scenario would be to pin LACRM to your iPhone’s home screen for easy access!
  • Android: you can set a homepage on Android’s default browser by following this tutorial. However, if you are using Firefox or Chrome on your Android device, you won’t be able to set a homepage. Again, I’d recommend pinning LACRM to your Android’s home screen for easy access.

The next time you open a new window or tab in your browser of choice, you’ll be taken straight to your Workspace! 

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Posted on Aug 13, 2019
Filed under CRM Tips and Tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions
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