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Articles on using groups - what they are, and what they aren't.

If you need to combine groups, you can add one group into the other in bulk to merge them. To do that, you’ll first need to pull up one of the grou...
Groups are a good way to segment your database and tag records based on shared characteristics. Groups also make it easy to export a list of contac...
Our importing tool makes it easy to bring in lists of data, but if you have multiple lists you may want to segment them. After an import is complet...
Teams allow you to share groups with specific subsets of your users (you can read more about teams and how to create them here). Here are so...
Check out Less Annoying CRM’s hidden Teams feature! You can create teams of users and share groups with specific teams.
In this post, we’ll go over all of the ways you can filter your groups to find just the contacts you need.
In which situations should you use Groups to track your contacts and companies? In which situations should you use Pipelines? We've got you covered.
Learn how to send email blasts and campaigns to contacts in your CRM.
Groups are a categorization tool that you can use to tag contacts or companies based on shared characteristics-- learn how to create and manage them here.
Learn how to use MailChimp to create and send email campaigns to contacts in your CRM.
Learn how to reassign and group contacts in bulk in LACRM.
This article explains how to edit your existing groups in Less Annoying CRM.
Learn how to add contacts and companies to a Group in LACRM.
Email marketing is crucial for many small businesses, and LACRM has built an integration with MailChimp to make it easier to connect with your contacts.
How to search for contacts in Less Annoying CRM that are not attached to a group.
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