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Tips for formatting your logo image

Written by Grady Randolph

Instead of having the Less Annoying CRM logo in the top left corner of your CRM, you can upload your own logo! Here's how to format your logo image.

File Format

The supported file formats are .jpg, .png, and .gif (these are non-animated .gif files; if you upload an animated .gif file, it won’t animate when we display it).

Image Size

The display image size is 135px wide by 70px high. The ideal image is a rectangle or square that’s close to that size. We’ll always resize it down, so as long as it’s close to that ratio, it will look pretty good.

Image Scaling

When scaling your image, we’ll try to fit it to the maximum height while preserving the same ratio to the width. The goal is to get the image to fit as best as we can without stretching it. Here are some examples of how this can look (the gray boxes represent the uploaded logo image):

If you have any problems uploading your logo image, feel free to  contact us for support!

Posted on Nov 29, 2019
Filed under Help Documentation, Account Management
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