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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions about LACRM!
Resources > Help Documentation > Frequently Asked Questions

Your information is critical to your business and livelihood. With Less Annoying CRM, your data always belongs to you, and there are no limits on h...
A great way to use the CRM more is to make shortcuts to Your Workspace on all of your devices. A shortcut is an icon that sits on your device's home screen so that you're always one click away from your CRM.
One easy way to make the CRM more accessible? Make the CRM your browser’s homepage! When you open your browser, the CRM will be the first site you see.
If you want to log all of your outgoing emails (without having to remember to key in your email logging address), you've come to the right place.
Want to search for a specific note you left? Use your browser’s search function to easily search a page for keywords.
This is a list of known VOIP phones that work with LACRM's click-to-call feature or offer their own browser extension that allow you to dial your LACRM contacts.
This help article lists each in house and third party integration you have access to with Less Annoying CRM.
In which situations should you use Groups to track your contacts and companies? In which situations should you use Pipelines? We've got you covered.
Less Annoying CRM doesn't integrate with any business card scanners, but here are some options for getting your business card contacts into the CRM.
Learn how to send email blasts and campaigns to contacts in your CRM.
This article explains how to upload a file in the CRM.
Prepare your CRM contacts for a Mail-Merge.
We don’t place any strict limits on the number of contacts and companies you can enter into Less Annoying CRM, but a good rule of thumb is to try t...
Enable your phone to remember your login for LACRM, saving you time.
Pin LACRM to your Android phone or tablet's home screen for easier access on the go.
Pin LACRM to your iPhone or iPad's home screen for easier mobile access.
Learn how to export contact and company information, pipelines, tasks, and files out of LACRM.
At this time, we only sync directly with Google and Outlook calendar, but there are other workarounds to syncing with your iCal.
We've got you covered when it comes to Pipelines.
LACRM doesn’t have an integrations with any mapping programs, but there is a program called Badger Mapping that makes it easy to map your LACRM contacts.
Everything you need to know about importing a spreadsheet of contacts into Less Annoying CRM.
This article explains what happens to your data when your free trial ends.
Less Annoying CRM handles companies and contacts in a different way than some other CRMs. In LACRM, companies and contacts are nearly identical in ...
No system is going to be very good at keeping you organized and on track without pushing some information out to you to keep you informed. Less A...
Less Annoying CRM is hosted on Amazon Web Services—AWS, for short—in their North Virginia datacenter. We also keep a nightly backup of that databas...
Resources > Help Documentation > Frequently Asked Questions
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