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Dialing out of Less Annoying CRM with a Click-to-Dial VOIP System

Written by Maggie Conroy

While Less Annoying CRM does not have a direct integration with any VOIP systems, we do support several different click-to-call protocols. Depending on whether your VOIP dialer's softphone supports any of these protocols, you may be able to turn phone numbers into a clickable link that your dialer can interpret. This system works for a number of notable systems, including Skype and RingCentral's softphone. Skype uses the protocols listed below (see "A note on Skype"), and RingCentral uses the "CALLTO" protocol. Click here to view a list of all the known dialers and VOIP phones that work with our click-to-call feature

You can choose which protocol to use from the "Click-to-call" section of the Integrations page:

Click-to-call Less Annoying CRM settings

A variety of other dialers on the market offer their own solution for click-to-dial in the form of a browser extension. These browser extensions don't use the CRM's setting at all (you'd want to disable it in the CRM), but rather install directly into your browser and scan webpages -- including LACRM -- for formatted phone numbers. The behavior differs a bit from one extension to another, but often the extension will insert a clickable icon or link on or around the phone number, which you can then click to launch their dialer. A few dialers that offer (or claim to offer) an extension include:

  • 8x8
  • Vonage Business
  • CrazyCall
  • Simplii
Sometimes these extensions come and go as dialers create new ones or decide against supporting existing ones, but you should contact the dialer provider to inquire about what they offer in this regard.
A note on Skype: In 2018, Skype made a few changes to the way click-to-call worked with their product, so LACRM had to adjust accordingly as well. Below, we explain which setting you should select on LACRM's Personal Preferences page based on which version of Skype you use:
  • Skype 7 / Classic: Use the “Callto” setting.
  • Skype 8 (Desktop): This version of Skype does not support click-to-call, so unfortunately none of the settings will work.
  • Skype (Windows app): Use “Skype” setting.
  • Skype on Macs: Use “Skype” setting.

A note on Google Voice: Google offered a Chrome extension that enabled click-to-call with Google Voice, but ultimately decided not to continue updating it. After several years without updates, that plugin eventually stopped working. You may still be able to use it as a way to copy-paste phone numbers and quickly dial them with Google Voice, but the click-to-call functionality is no longer functional, pending a change of heart by Google. If you've been using Google Voice and click-to-call is an important part of your workflow, you may wish to consider alternate dialing options going forward.

If you have another VOIP dialer system, feel free to contact us and let us know about it, and we will explore options for supporting additional dialers. Keep in mind that many of the telephony options out there do not have a softphone and/or do not support click-to-dial, in which case setting this up will be a non-starter, unfortunately. However, we are happy to investigate and see what is possible!

Posted on May 1, 2019
Filed under Help Documentation, Account Management
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