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Business.com reviews Less Annoying CRM

"Less Annoying CRM has lots to offer small business users", says the review
Written by Julia Zasso

Business.com reviewed Less Annoying CRM in February 2018. "As the name implies, Less Annoying CRM is a product that aims to provide an alternative to large and complicated CRM systems. The result is a lightweight user-friendly CRM with just one affordable subscription level...Even the tiniest business with no internal tech support can get this system up and running in a matter of hours," said the reviewer, Mona Bushnell. The review goes onto say that "Less Annoying CRM has lots to offer small business users" and cites a few key features, including our out-of-the-box functionality, integrations, and easy access to info (without having to pay for support or hand over your personal info).  

Read the rest of Business.com's review of Less Annoying CRM here

Posted on Mar 1, 2018
Filed under PR
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