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Add ContactLink to your website as a chat bubble or scheduling window. Give out your ContactLink instead of a regular calendar link.  Put a QR code link on your business cards and yard signs.  ContactLink is great for conferences and events too – people can scan your link and exchange contact info easily.

ContactLink puts new meetings into your Less Annoying Calendar, as well as your Gmail or Outlook. So you can give out a calendar link that works perfectly with LACRM!  ContactLink will put new contacts directly into Less Annoying CRM also, and attach a pipeline to them.  


Pricing starts at $0/month for ContactLink's free tier, and goes up to $29/month for their Pro tier that includes integrations. Use our promo code "LessAnnoying" before the end of Sept 30, 2023 to get your first month of ContactLink Pro free!

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Integration support

This is a third-party integration built by ContactLink's team. If you run into any issues or have questions, please reach out to support@contactlink.com.

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