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Viewing Another User's Contacts

The first thing you should know about viewing another user's contacts is that you will need permission to do so.  If you're on a multi-user account you may be restricted in terms of what information is available to you. An administrator on your account can change your permission settings if necessary, and there is another article here that explains how permission settings work.

Now, to find another user's contacts go to the Find a Contact page.  Below the search bar, but above the first listed record, there are a number of options to sort or filter your contacts.  Select the second option from the left, “Filter by user” in order to view only a particular user’s contacts.

Once you select “Filter by user,” a list of the other users on the account will pop up.  From there, you can select yourself, another user, or multiple other users to view their contacts.  

Please note: if someone doesn’t appear here, it’s possible that you don’t have permission to view their contacts.  If you are not an administrator you should contact an administrator on your account to change your permissions.

Choose the appropriate user(s), and then hit Apply Filter to see all of the records assigned to the selected user(s). You can also use this filtering option to set a default view by checking the box to the left of “Make these the default settings.” It is possible to apply multiple filters, and if you’re not seeing the records you expected, you should check the other filters you have applied near the top of the page.  If you're not sure how to change filters, or need help finding the right contacts, let us know!

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