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Use PieSync to integrate your LACRM contacts with other platforms

4/21/2021 Update: As of today, PieSync is no longer accepting new customers. They are in the process of transitioning into Data Sync by HubSpot and will not be a separate product.

Note: if you are looking to set up a contact integration with Google or Mailchimp, use Less Annoying CRM’s built-in integrations instead.

PieSync is an integration platform that allows you to send contact data in a two-way sync between Less Annoying CRM and other systems. While Less Annoying CRM has some built-in integrations with apps like Mailchimp and Google, and you can build your own integrations with our API, PieSync allows you to connect with more programs and have greater control over the types of contact data being synced without having any coding skills.

What apps can I sync with Less Annoying CRM via PieSync?

Right now, PieSync can connect LACRM with over 80 apps, including Outlook, Constant Contact, iCloud, Quickbooks, and Xero!

Check out a full list of the apps PieSync can connect with LACRM.

And watch our webinar with PieSync to learn more about how PieSync can help connect your CRM data with other apps!

PieSync Pricing

Since PieSync is a separate platform from Less Annoying CRM, it has a separate pricing tier as well. If you choose to use PieSync, you will have to pay for your LACRM account in addition to your PieSync account.

PieSync has a 14 day free trial, after which you’ll need to choose from several pricing plans, starting at $9/month. Pricing is based not only on the features you want, but also on the number of contacts you have syncing.

Check out PieSync’s pricing here.

How do I start using PieSync?

Part 1: Authorize the integration between PieSync and Less Annoying CRM

  1. Start your free trial. First, sign up for a free trial of PieSync here (note: signing up through that link provides a $50 discount), and watch PieSync’s tutorial to get started with syncing!
  2. Connect your PieSync account with Less Annoying CRM. Search for and select LACRM from the list of programs you can integrate with.
  3. Select the other software you’d like to integrate with LACRM. Next, you’ll be shown a list of all the apps PieSync can sync with LACRM (such as Quickbooks, Constant Contact, etc). Select the integration you’d like to start with first.
  4. Authorize the integration. In LACRM, navigate to the API page under Settings. Click “Generate a new API token.” Note: you must have exporting privileges in Less Annoying CRM to access the API.
  5. Add in your API credentials. In PieSync, type in (DO NOT copy and paste) your new API credentials.
  6. Set up the sync between LACRM and the other software in Part 2!
Find your API token in LACRM

Part 2: Set up the particulars of your first sync

  1. Choose the direction of your sync. In PieSync, you can choose a 1-way (meaning contacts flow from one software to the other, but not in the reverse direction) or 2-way (meaning contacts flow in both directions) sync.
  2. Create your syncing rules. Syncing is built on if-then statements: for example, if a new contact is added to Quickbooks, then PieSync will add that contact to LACRM.
  3. Edit your connection settings. When resolving conflicts, we recommend that LACRM is selected as the winning program. Contact edits and merges should always happen in Less Annoying CRM.
  4. Map your fields. Choose which contact fields in LACRM correspond with fields from the other program you’re integrating with. You can also add filters based on custom contact fields (so that only contacts with certain field values sync between programs). This can get a bit hairy, so we recommend that you contact PieSync for help if you plan on using filters.
  5. Click “Start Syncing!” If you want to sync with another software, click “Add a new connection” in PieSync!
Create your rules in PieSync

Once you’ve started syncing, you can use your syncing dashboard in PieSync to view the number of contacts syncing between LACRM and the other software. You can also pause or remove your sync at any time from this page.

Check out this video tutorial from PieSync to see an example sync in action!

Important things to keep in mind

  • At the moment, Less Annoying CRM cannot sync group data with PieSync.
  • PieSync detects duplicates based on email addresses. You might get duplicate contacts if you have records without email addresses in Less Annoying CRM.
  • Contact edits and merges should always happen in Less Annoying CRM.
  • Less Annoying CRM employees are extensively trained in how to use the CRM, but we are not PieSync experts. Your CRM Coach can probably point you in the right direction for syncing questions, but for detailed or complex questions about PieSync, it’s probably best to contact PieSync directly.
  • Less Annoying CRM does not support PieSync's deletion or unsubscribe sync types.

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