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UpdatePipelineItem Function Definition

The UpdatePipelineItem function is used to edit an existing pipeline item in the CRM.

When calling this this function, the Function parameter sent to the API should be set to UpdatePipelineItem.

If successful, this function will return an array that confirms the call was made successfully ("success" = "true").


PipelineItemId - The Id of the pipeline item you want to update (this is returned after you call CreatePipeline, or you can get it from the GetPipelineReport function). *Note: PipelineItemId should be treated like a string, NOT an integer or any other number type.*

Note (optional) - A note to include with the first update

StatusId - The Id of the status for this pipeline. Here are instructions for finding the correct StatusId. *Note: StatusId should be treated like a string, NOT an integer or any other number type.*

Priority (optional) - Priority can be 1 (low), 2 (medium), or 3 (high)

CustomFields - You can save information to any custom pipeline fields you've created. NOTE: we will only update the custom fields that you pass us in this array. For example, if you have two custom fields defined but you only pass us one, we'll update that field and leave the other one alone.

Example Code

This code shows how to update an existing pipeline item.

CODE: https://gist.github.com/tilikang/bda5f77a914a0b9501808558d388dc92.js

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