Integrate BilLiving and Less Annoying CRM

BilLiving is an online invoicing service designed for small businesses and freelancers. They offer one-way integration with Less Annoying CRM.

If you choose to integrate your Less Annoying CRM account with your BilLiving account, BilLiving will be able to import contacts from Less Annoying CRM and create corresponding clients in BilLiving. Do note, though, that you shouldn't attempt to edit these imported clients' info in BilLiving, as any edits you make in BilLiving will be overwritten by the next LessAnnoying CRM sync. If you need to edit a BilLiving client's info, do it through LessAnnoying CRM and let the sync import those changes into BilLiving. With that said, here's how to set up syncing between BilLiving and Less Annoying CRM:

1. From the BilLiving dashboard, click "Settings" in the upper-right hand corner and then click "Addons" in the drop-down that appears.

Step 1

2. In the "Configure Addons" list that appears, find "Sync your BILLIVING clients with" in the list and click the corresponding "Configure" button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step 2

3. This page will prompt you for an "AccountKey," which Less Annoying CRM calls a "User Code," and an "ApiKey," which Less Annoying CRM calls an "API Token." Both of these can be found at Depending on whether or not you've used this page before, you may have to click "Generate a new API Token." Copy and paste the information from this page into the corresponding fields on the BilLiving page. Press "Save & Sync" and you should be good to go! You should check your "Clients" tab to double-check and make sure that your LessAnnoying CRM clients appear there.

Step 3

You're done! BilLiving periodically checks for new (and changed) LessAnnoying CRM contacts to import, but it's worth noting that you can manually tell it to immediately try an import by pressing the same "Save & Sync" button you used earlier.

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