How can I make my phone numbers clickable Google Voice links using Google Chrome?

Google Voice Click-to-call dialogue

Update (March 2018): A recent update to Google Chrome has rendered the Google Voice plugin inoperable, so there is no longer an active supported way to set up click-to-dial with Google Voice. If you are on an older version of Chrome, the plugin may still function, but as your browser gets more outdated other functionality may suffer. If click-to-call is an important part of your workflow, you may wish to consider alternate dialing options going forward.

These instructions may work temporarily if you are using an older version of Chrome:

Google Voice users who also use Google Chrome can make the CRM even easier to use by turning phone numbers in the CRM into click-to-call links. Then, when you click on a phone number in LACRM it'll ring out to a physical phone through Google Voice, which you can pick up to dial the contact. And all it takes is installing a single browser extension!

Note that you'll need a Google Voice account in order to use these extensions. Google Voice accounts are free, so if you're interested, just head over to Google to set one up.

To install the Google Voice click-to-call extension in your browser, click the link below:

Google Voice Chrome Extension

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • You'll need to enable the click-to-call functionality in the extension's settings. Look for the toggle titled "Turn phone numbers on websites into click to call links." Make sure to click "Save"!

  • Make sure to have the Personal Preferences page option for "Click to call" set to the fourth option, "Google Voice." 

  • The Google Voice plugin will only recognize certain phone number formats. If you're using a US or Canadian number, your best bet is probably to format the number "(XXX) XXX-XXXX" (note that the CRM has a setting on your Personal Preferences page to automatically format phone numbers this way!). Less Annoying CRM does not have any control over which numbers are recognized as dialable, unfortunately.

If you have any questions about Google Voice use with Less Annoying CRM, contact our support team and we will do our best to help. However, given that the Google Voice plugin has been rendered inoperable by recent updates, it may not be possible to use the plugin for click-to-call with Google Voice.

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