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We recommend you start by watching our video on this subject, which you can find on the Custom pipelines page in your Settings. The video can both show and tell, and it will cover much of what you'... View full article
Creating a pipeline is simple—go to the Settings menu at the top of your page and then click Customize your pipelines in the pop-down menu. (There are also links to this page in the full... View full article
A corresponding report will automatically be created each time you create a new pipeline in your CRM. You’ll always be able to find the Pipeline Reports in the navigation bar under the Pipeli... View full article
Attaching a pipeline to a contact or company is simple—just go to that company or contact’s record in your CRM and look in the left column. In the top section, you’ll see a list o... View full article
Sometimes you'll create a pipeline and realize you need to collect a little more information about the process you're trying to track. For those situations, Less Annoying CRM has custom pipeline fi... View full article

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