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Less Annoying CRM handles companies and contacts in a different way than some other CRMs. In LACRM, companies and contacts are nearly identical in terms of functionality. The system was designed to... View full article
We realize that it’s impossible for us to anticipate every little thing you’ll want to be able to collect about your contacts or companies, so you can add any kind of field you’d ... View full article
Learn how to capture your emails in the CRM from Gmail, Outlook, or any other email client. View full article
Sometimes when managing a database of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts and companies in a CRM, you may end up with some duplicates. This can be frustrating because you might have cru... View full article
With Less Annoying CRM, uploading files is easy. With just a couple of clicks, you can upload files to contact or company records so that you can reference them later. This is great for uploading i... View full article
Learn how to delete contacts and companies from your CRM database. View full article
There are a couple ways that you can get your data from the system into a spreadsheet for your use. If you want all of your contacts and companies in a spreadsheet, then head to the Export Contacts... View full article
To add a contact/company to a group, simply go to the contact’s profile in your CRM and click “Group” in the “Attach an item to this company/contact” section in the le... View full article
Often an important part of your contact relationship involves remembering information about who they know- who introduced you, who referred them, if they’re married to another contact, or if ... View full article

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