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At Less Annoying CRM, we think complicated pricing structures are, well, annoying. We prefer to keep it simple. Our system is $10 per user per month, end of story. Want to add another user? Tha... View full article
With the free trial, you can use the software for one month for free, no questions asked, no hassles, no limitations. Get the genuine Less Annoying CRM experience, so that you can decide whether ou... View full article
We accept all major credit cards here at Less Annoying CRM, and bill monthly (on a month-to-month basis, no contracts). To edit your credit card information, head to the Billing Info page in you... View full article
As with everything in our business, we strive to make leaving Less Annoying CRM as easy as possible—we have no intention of giving you the run-around or playing games. In fact, it’s so ... View full article

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