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Searching your activity for keywords

In the CRM, you can easily search for contacts and companies by name, or any other custom field. But what if you want to search for a specific note you left, or a pipeline update you made, but you can’t remember the record it was associated with? You can use your browser’s search function to easily search a page for keywords.

Searching a page

First, pull up the page you want to search. If you aren’t sure where you left a note or an update, your Activity Report is a great place to start! Filter the page to show the date range and the user’s activity that you want to look at.

Filtering your Activity Report

Next, it’s time to search for keywords! If you’re on a PC, hit Ctrl + F, and if you’re on a Mac, hit Cmd + F. A search bar should appear in the upper righthand corner of your screen. You can search for any keyword, and the bar will display the number of instances of that word on the screen.. You can hit the left/right arrows to see instances of the keyword, or you can identify where on the page the keywords are with the yellow tabs next to the scroll bar on the righthand side.

Searching for keywords in the CRM
In this image, I searched for the word "quarter", and there's one instance of that word highlighted on the page!

You can search any page in the CRM for keywords using this feature from your browser. That means you can…

  • Search a contact or company record’s activity feed for a keyword. Remember talking to a company rep about a specific deal, but don’t remember when or who? Navigate to the company’s record, and make sure that the box for “Include activity from contacts at this company” is checked above the activity feed. Then, open your browser’s finder feature, and search for keywords! You can do the same on individual contact records too.
  • Roughly calculate the total number of events completed or notes made in a given time period. On the Activity Report, every event includes the description “[User] attended this event”. There are similar descriptions for notes (“[User] entered a note”). If you wanted to know how many events a user attended or how many notes they left in a specific time period, you could filter your Activity Report for just that user’s activity, and search the keywords “attended this event” or “entered a note”. The finder feature would show you the total number of times that key phrase appears on your Activity Report.
  • Use naming conventions to calculate the total number of a specific type of note or event. If you use naming conventions for certain types of events and notes, you can use the procedure from the last bullet point to calculate more specific totals. For example, every time I leave a note about an inbound call, I start the note with “Inbound call:”. I could filter my Activity Report for just notes, use the keyword search to look up “Inbound call:”, and estimate the number of inbound call notes left. Make sure to communicate these naming conventions to your team if you plan on pulling reports based on them.

I hope this helps you find all the info you need in your CRM! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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