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How to search notes using the Activity report

While the CRM search doesn’t currently allow you to search notes, there is a workaround that you can use to do so. This option does require knowing approximately when the note was saved, but then you can use the Activity Report and your browser’s search function to search for a keyword saved in a note.

If you mouse over “Reports” in the left navigation bar you can select “Activity Report.” That’ll pull up a list of all activity, and in the page menu on the left you should see a section “Filters.” The first option there is “Filter by date range,” which by default will be the past week. You can select that and update the date range to include whenever you know the note was saved. The second option in the same section is “Filter by activity type.” You can select that and then choose “Notes” and apply the filter.

The Activity Feed will now show all of the notes saved within your selected date range. You can then use your browser’s search function (Control F on a PC, Command F on a Mac) to search for a keyword or phrase. Exactly how the browser’s search appears will depend on the browser, but it will look something like this:

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