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GetUserInfo Function Definition

The GetUserInfo function is used to retrieve meta information about your CRM account.

When calling this function, the Function parameter sent to the API should be GetUserInfo. Because this function is very basic, we do not have example code, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to help.


This function does not take any input parameters. You just need to call the function itself, and we'll return all of the values described below.

Output Values

This function will return an array with some basic information about your CRM account. These fields include:

  • FirstName - your first name, the name you used to sign up for this account
  • LastName
  • Email
  • UserId - The unique identification number for your personal user
  • AccountId - The unique identification number for your company account. If you are a single-user account or you signed up for your company account, this will normally be the same as your UserId
  • IsOwner - Each account has exactly one owner. This field indicates whether or not that is you.
  • IsAdmin - Whether or not your have admin privledges (i.e. billing access, managing users, etc.)
  • BlockExports - Will be true if you don't have the ability to export data from the CRM
  • Timezone - Your local timezone
  • DateUserCreated - The date/time your user was created
  • DateAccountCreated - The date/time your company account was created

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