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Integrating Cardin with LACRM

Cardin is a Gmail add-on that built an integration with LACRM to let you access contacts and pipelines from your Gmail inbox directly. Learn how to integrate Cardin with LACRM here:

  • Please note: this integration requires sharing your API credentials with Cardin, which grants Cardin programmatic access to your CRM account. You should only do this with programs that you trust.
  • Install Cardin on your Gmail account.
  • Select the Cardin icon in Gmail. Under "Add a new Connector" select LACRM, and then choose between pipeline reporting and searching contacts (you can switch between these two at any time).
  • Then go to LACRM, mouse over "Settings" and select "Programmer API." Generate a new API token using the button at the top of the page, then copy and paste that info into Cardin.
  • Note that if you want to view pipeline reporting in Cardin, you'll also need to copy in the Pipeline ID from at least one of the pipelines in your CRM.
  • Select Update to connect Cardin with LACRM.
  • With the contact searching option, when you have an open email simply select the Cardin icon and choose LACRM. Cardin will scan your CRM to pull up the sender's contact info, or prompt you to add them to LACRM.
  • With the pipeline reporting option, when you have an open email simply select the Cardin icon and choose LACRM. Cardin will show an overview of the contacts and companies in your pipeline.
  • Please note: we are only able to offer support for the CRM. If you have questions about Cardin or this integration, you'll need to contact Cardin directly.

See a full list of all our integrations here.

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