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AddContactToGroup Function Definition

The AddContactToGroup function is used to add a contact to one of the groups in your CRM. Before calling this function, make sure you have already created the group.

When calling this function, the Function parameter sent to the API should be AddContactToGroup.


ContactId - The Id of the contact that should be added to the group. *Note: ContactId should be treated like a string, NOT an integer or any other number type.*

GroupName - The name of the group. NOTE: If there are any spaces in the group name, you must replace them with underscores (_).

Example Code

This code shows how you can add a contact to an existing group using the API. Before running this, make sure you've already set up the group in the CRM.

CODE: https://gist.github.com/tilikang/23e7dd11b895aae1e991d39d3a840920.js

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