Case Study:

Travel planner and agency owner customizes Less Annoying CRM to optimize her client tracking and organize her business’s operations

About Mouse Tales Travel
The company got it’s start in 2007, when Kimberly’s husband Robert first opened Mouse Tales Travel. They officially began operation on May 1st, 2008 and immediately began to grow. Kimberly joined the company in January 2010 and within six months she left her photography business to go full-time with Mouse Tales Travel.

Kimberly has recently begun to concentrate on running a new start-up, Travel Starz Academy. Travel Starz Academy trains prospective agents in basic and advanced Disney, for those who want a solid background in Disney-focused sales before applying to agencies. Travel Starz Academy also offers courses for travel professionals to help grow their businesses, with focuses on better marketing techniques, organization, and client management.

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Three key takeaways:
Build a client reservation tracking process that fits your needs.
Manage an entire agency with tracking of independent contractors and rewards.
Easy to customize as your business grows and changes.

Business Background

Prior to starting a travel agency, Kimberly gained experience as a manager/producer at AOL, manager at Build A Bear Workshop, and as a Certified Professional Photographer. Kimberly joined Mouse Tales Travel full-time in 2010, and has recently moved on from selling travel herself to focus on managing Mouse Tales Travel with her husband Robert.

With over $1M in annual travel sales, Kimberly is a great salesperson, but she’s an even better manager and mentor. Kimberly now spends her time training and coaching her agents, as well as running her new start-up, Travel Starz Academy. LACRM allows Kimberly to track all of the details she needs to run a successful travel agency both as an agent and owner.

Information Tracking and Marketing

Kimberly uses the CRM daily to track all of the information she needs. Keeping it open in a tab on her desktop, Kimberly constantly switches back and forth to add notes, sort, and update information in LACRM. Kimberly finds LACRM easier and more attractive to work with than other programs she’s used in the past.

"LACRM is pretty and while that shouldn't be an issue, it is. As much as it's a part of desktop, I have to like looking at it and working in it."

Kimberly is also able to use LACRM with other marketing programs to reach out to clients. As a member of the consortium, Kimberly receives complimentary marketing via their Engagement program for both direct and email marketing. With all of the exporting options, Kimberly is able to easily manage which clients receive each email and direct marketing campaign. Kimberly can filter by various fields, export the appropriate contacts, and then upload the contacts for an upcoming marketing campaign. The ability to export the right contact data gives Kimberly complete control over the clients in each marketing segment.

Customization and Growth

The ability to continuously customize LACRM has been key for Kimberly. She started by customizing pipelines for each line of Disney that they book often, from Walt Disney World to Disney Cruise Line to Universal Orlando. As Mouse Tales Travel continues to diversify, she can customize the CRM by adding new pipelines for other vendors like Hard Rock All-Inclusive, Sandals, Beaches, etc. Not only has Kimberly been able to use the CRM to track travel as an agent, but also to keep track of her business as an agency owner.

"I also use LACRM for my agents, suppliers, and other agency owners/contacts. For the agents, I track the sursies (little treats) and snail mails I send, along with their training documentation, contracts, and other minutiae. For my agency owner circle - my tribe - I keep track of things I send to them (personal and business), great marketing ideas, and samples of business files. For suppliers, I note my BDM (business development manager), their personal and work contact info, upload revenue numbers, keep track of contracts, and so on."

Mouse Tales Travel is a great example of how a successful travel agency can keep track of travel details and grow as a business, adjusting LACRM along the way to fit their changing needs. Kimberly has been able to use LACRM throughout her transition from salesperson to manager, customizing the system along the way to keep track of exactly what she needs for the way she works.

"My tribe of agency owners sees a desperate need for this and I'm ready to fill that need!"

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