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Certified financial planner stays nimble while tracking her prospects and clients

About Gen Y Planning
Sophia Bera founded Gen Y Planning after noticing that her generation is chronically underserved by traditional financial planning institutions. Her mission is to address the long-term and short-term needs of clients in their 20s and 30s by taking a fresh approach centered around agility, tech savvy, and approachability—not to mention rock solid advice grounded in industry experience.

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Three key takeaways:
Tracking information in the cloud makes it easy to take business on the road.
LACRM's price makes it viable for businesses just starting to blossom.
Other financial planners are having success with LACRM!

The Problem

When Sophia set out on her own to start Gen Y Planning, she knew right away that she was going to need a CRM—once her business was up and running, she would be juggling a large portfolio of clients, each with plans tailored to their very specific needs. But beyond the sheer amount of data to be tracked, she also needed a repository of that information for compliance purposes. So began her CRM search.

There are a handful of CRMs specifically designed for financial planning available on the market, but she knew that they weren't the solution for her:

"I was really kind of nervous because I knew that a lot of the CRMs that were geared towards financial planners were really expensive. I knew that that wasn't going to be something I could invest in right away—or that I was interested in investing in right away."

Sophia had years of experience working at traditional financial planning firms, but now she was breaking that model. Like many entrepreneurs, Sophia doesn't work a traditional 9-to-5 office workday; she's always on the move. She needed something lightweight, mobile, and affordable—something that would blend seamlessly into her tech-savvy and fast-paced day-to-day life. So she rejected the traditional financial planning CRMs and went looking for something that was, well, more like her.

The Solution

Sophia was referred to Less Annoying CRM by a fellow financial planner, and she gave the free trial a shot. It didn't take long for her to be hooked—as she put it, she quickly "drank the Kool-aid." She started off by simply entering her contacts and using the CRM primarily as a database for her interactions—notes, emails, events, and tasks meant she always had a full history for each client. The first time we spoke to Sophia, she had gotten that far, but knew that there was room for more—and she was right!

Soon Sophia expanded her use of the CRM to utilize the flexible pipelines feature. She knew already that she wanted to set up a pipeline to handle leads, so that she would have a framework to use when tracking potential new clients. Less Annoying CRM's default lead pipeline worked pretty well for what she needed, so she ended up sticking with it. However, she had a second process to add to the CRM: client onboarding. Sophia has a very personal touch with her clients, including a series of actions—a contract is signed, an in-depth meeting is held, and a bespoke plan is drafted specifically for that client's needs. So working in tandem with Less Annoying CRM's support team, she created a pipeline to track new clients through this initial phase, so that she would never miss a beat when guiding her clients through these crucial first steps.

With that customization in place, Sophia began using the tool on a day-to-day basis. She found that the CRM's clean design made using the system more pleasant than some other options available on the market, as well:

"If I wanted to use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my clients, I would use an Excel spreadsheet. But I don't. I want to use a CRM. So don't make it look like an Excel spreadsheet!"

The Results

Sophia continues to use Less Annoying CRM to track her interactions and manage her businesses processes with the CRM. The bottom line is that the CRM has helped her get organized without bogging her down:

"It's just a day-to-day thing. It really helps you stay organized every day, so you know what you have to do, what your workload is, who you need to follow up with."

Moreover, Sophia has also found that Less Annoying CRM appeals to her colleagues in the financial planning industry, many of whom are itching to set out on their own like she has. With over a dozen referrals to her name, Sophia has become one of Less Annoying CRM's strongest advocates. In her wake, more and more financial planners are trying the CRM and having success!

Sophia's business is still young, but it has a bright future; she's all about shaking things up. She's bucking the model of the traditional financial planning firm and pursuing her passion. Given that her focus is on providing affordable, personal, and genuinely helpful services to her peers, perhaps it's no mistake that Less Annoying CRM and Gen Y Planning are such a good fit!

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